Clutter Clean Up Harford County Baltimore County

Harford county residents, few things cause stress and anxiety like a cluttered home or work environment. Sometimes the thought of going through and doing a clutter clean up is exhausting. But when you are ready to make a change, and rid yourself, your garage, your basement, or wherever clutter collects in your house, you need the swift professional help of Maryland Pickers LLC serving clutter removal in Harford and Baltimore Counties.

There is all kinds of psychology that drives our need to keep things that eventually add up to clutter in the home. We are not here to solve that, however, we are here when you are ready to rid yourself of the clutter quickly and cost effectively.

Here is how the experts agree you need to declutter your life:

Use the Four Box one truck Method 

The four box method is just a modified version of keep/donate/toss. Instead of three boxes, you’ll make four: Keep, Sell/Donate, Store, and Trash For “Truck” you will give us a call at 443-206-1893 to have us load up your trash boxes and haul them away for good!

  • Keep are items you need or use regularly, and have space for.
  • Sell/Donate will go to Goodwill or your favorite charity, or hopefully make you a little money on eBay or Craigslist.
  • Trash is junk: papers to be shredded, broken things that you know you’ll never repair, etc. Place these in a box labeled Maryland Pickers and we will come get them.
  • Store is the most ambiguous: these are the boxes of things that you can’t part with that don’t play a role in your daily life. They’re to be stored, but only so much that you have available storage space.

Remember, our goal here is to not drive yourself crazy, and that is where we come in.

Harford county is full of storage unit rental companies. Avoid the temptation to simply box up and store offsite the items that you are too afraid of discarding. This is a huge waste of money. Call Maryland Pickers LLC to help you rid your home of the unwanted clutter in your Harford County or Baltimore County home.