Shed Removal & Demolition Service

Shed Removal Services 

When it’s finally time for the old shed to go, turn to a trusted and experienced team. Maryland Pickers provides full-service shed removal and demolition services. Our friendly crews have the experience and equipment needed to dismantle and complete any shed removal job quickly and easily, whether your shed is constructed of metal, wood, plastics, or a combination of materials.

What About The Items Inside Your Shed?

Do you have items inside your shed you would like to keep? Not a problem, our friendly and professional crews can remove any items from inside the shed you would like to keep before they begin the safe demolition process. Simply point to the items you would like removed, and we’ll do the rest.

shed removal and demolition services

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What Happens To My Old Junk? 

We always strive to donate and or recycle the items we remove. Working closely with local charity organizations and recycling facilities. Keeping the environment clean for generations to come.

Family Owned Junk Removal You Can Trust

Founded in January 2012, we have been working consistently and diligently to make our clients happy through safe and professional junk removal. We continue to do things the old-fashioned way, one customer at a time. We offer affordable, up-front pricing, call you 30 minutes ahead of every job, and clean up after ourselves. Call us at (443)-206-1859 today, or book online to experience a locally owned and family-operated difference!

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